Our story

NUTRTION, MEET SCIENCE. DIETPROS is a nutritional platform that combines cutting edge nutrition & fitness technology. Fitness expert Eric Hoult created DIETPROS in 2014. After decades of experience in competitive bodybuilding and as nutrition consultant, he decided to form a company with tried and true experience. The goal was to create an innovative web based platform for training and health care professionals, but also for the everyday person who wanted to get serious about their health. The DIETPROS platform is unique in that it gives training professionals the tools to create, manage, and utilize web-based technology to manage client’s health. We take great pride in providing top customer service, and by offering the best and most efficient products on the market today.

Timeline 2014 Eric Hoult created DIETPROS LLC. His goal was to create a web based technology platform. With over twenty years experience in the health and fitness arena, I began to create the blueprint to create DIETPROS.

2015 In 2015 the name was officially branded as THE DIETPROS. I formed the corporation with a goal to help thousands of people in their quest to seek a healthy lifestyle. Working to make sure our product remains innovative and relevant in our industry. I will continue to expand, create new ideas, and make our product stand out with the newest technology. Mission Our mission is to help professionals manage their client’s nutrition, achieve their health and fitness goals. Our vision is to integrate our system with small or large business entities dealing with health & nutrition services. Our target customers include; nutrition & vitamin stores, personal trainers, studios, gyms, health & fitness centers and chiropractors to name a few. Our goal is to provide new revenue streams to grow your current business. We can provide many services that tie into your existing business model. These would include; customized meal plans, weight loss challenges and mobile technology to track your calories & fitness. We provide a comprehensive system that fits your business needs, valuing integrity, success and strength. We believe in performance, passion, and purpose. DIETPROS…FOR ALL YOUR NUTRITION AND FITNESS NEEDS

DIETPROS is a multi-layered web portal where professionals are provided the latest nutrition counseling software and technology products on the web today. This platform will allow you to track, send and save data on your customers. Our professional website tools will help you grow your business in a customized way that fits your business needs. You will be able to calculate calories, track personal bio-metric data, and set up many different types of digital challenges with your customers. Technology products can be purchased wholesale and devices will integrate with our dynamic website and mobile apps that are part of our platform. DIETPROS is where “NUTRITION MEETS SCIENCE” in real time.